Terms and Conditions

1. Premise

This document describes the conditions of use of the site maintained by www.harecatrading.com HARECA S.r.l. (Henceforth, for brevity, respectively, the “Terms” and the “Site”) to be followed by all those wishing to browse the pages of the same.

Access to the Site and in any event any action that involves navigation on its web pages constitute acceptance of the Terms and right in order to take cognizance of those users of the Site, a link that invokes this document appears on the home page of the Site .

In case you do not intend to accept the conditions, simply avoid to navigate the pages of the Site. In addition to the above, anyone who accesses the Site declare to be be an adult and do not use the Site and material contained therein for any unlawful purpose or otherwise contrary to applicable law.

Conditions may be modified by HARECA S.r.l. at any time, without notice of this circumstance should be given to users and understanding the burden of them to view them regularly before accessing the content of the Site.

2. Site Content

HARECA s.r.l. intends to offer, through the pages of the website, general information regarding their activities and, although the latter are constantly checked and updated by competent, specially selected, it is understood that the contents thereof, with reference to the topic, not should be considered neither complete nor exhaustive or otherwise incorrect. Therefore, the user wishing to rely on the information contained on the Site should play an independent and further verification of the correctness. In this regard, HARECA s.r.l. advise that the material contained on the Site should be considered “on as is basis”, that might not be appropriate and / or suitable for specific purposes and interests pursued by the person who logs on to your pages or you may have within it elements that, if re- , could lead to violations of intellectual property rights owned by third parties.

The Site may be linked to third party sites to companies within the group HARECA. In the first case, the hyperlinks have the sole function of facilitating user navigation without there being any relationship between the content of the Site and the third reached the site, which remains alien to the scope of HARECA srl. In addition, HARECA s.r.l. announces that may not have any effect on the structure of third party sites linked to its own or have known the truth, accuracy and adequacy of materials and / or information contained therein, even in cases where there are contractual relationships between HARECA srl. and the owner of the site linked. In the second case, should be considered fully effective and binding of these Terms, with the express warning that if they were present on the site reached specific conditions of use they must prevail at first.

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All content on the Site are protected and safeguarded by the existing rules on copyright and industrial property and / or intellectual property rights. As an example, but not limited to content of the Site shall be construed, inter alia:

  • texts;
  • photographs;
  • movies;
  • databases;
  • graphs and tables;
  • slogans;
  • The audio stream;
  • the cartoons
  • any graphical and / or text in general.

Therefore, you cannot copy and / or reproduce in whole or in part, the content of the Site withoutthe express permission of HARECA srl.

In the same time, we note that all trademarks, domain names, company names, companies and boards on the Site are owned by group of companies HARECA and therefore protected by existing legislation on brands. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce in any form or manner without the express permission of HARECA srl. as it is believed to be equally prohibited registration of the name “HARECA” under any top level domain.

In addition, please note that the pages of the Site may be trademarks location, domain names, company names, companies and brands in third party ownership, which HARECA S.r.l. cooperates in various capacities, which enjoy the same protection afforded to the group’s brands HARECA by current standards.

Finally, HARECA s.r.l. announced that it is absolutely forbidden to use all the hallmarks of ownership in HARECA S.r.l. and / or group HARECA as metatags, or HTML commands.

4. Service Features

HARECA Ltd, while taking all the solutions in terms of the most innovative and cutting edge technology to ensure that the Site is constantly accessible and free from defects of any kind, announced that the same could not be reached and / or compatible with the computer systems used to access, or free from errors, viruses and / or other type of computer malfunctions.

Therefore, anyone who accesses the Site expressly acknowledges and agrees that its use should therefore be construed Accomplished “on as available basis”.

5. How to Use the Site

In addition to the provisions of paragraph 3 above, HARECA S.r.l. announces that the contents of the Site may not be, in whole or in part, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transcribed, transmitted or distributed in any manner or form, without obtaining the prior written consent of HARECA srl subject to the printing activities, download and view the contents of the site made exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes and provided that the material in question is not modified in any way and are maintained with all the information relating to intellectual property rights industrial and / or attached thereto.

At the same time, the contents of this site cannot, in whole or in part, be spread through communication channels such as Internet, television systems, radio or any other in the absence of prior written consent of HARECA srl.

The information and materials contained in the Site may not also be used for commercial purposes in order to build databases of every type and kind, or to be stored (in whole or in part) in existing databases, is accessible only by the breeder is made available to third parties.

6. Linking and Framing

HARECA s.r.l. notice that, in order to create a link with its home page currently accessible at the web www.harecatrading.com (henceforth, the “Home Page”), you must send such a request by e-mail to info@hareca.it which must include: (a) details of the person responsible for technical management of the connecting link (including e-mail and the number phone), (b) data of the applicant, (c) an indication of the web site where you will create the link to the Home Page, (d) Any additional information is considered useful to obtain authorization by HARECA srl.

Where authorized by HARECA srl, creating a link to the site attaches a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the name “HARECA” with the sole and exclusive purpose of creating a hyperlink from the site in the ownership of the third to www.harecatrading.com, with the express exclusion of any other use. In any case, HARECA s.r.l. recognizes only the possibility of creating a link with its home page and not the internal pages of the Site. Without the prior written permission of HARECA Inc., is not in any way possible to create the link to the Home Page of the Site nor for the internal pages and / or the ancillary site, effectively creating a cd “Deep link” or hang up or presenting the contents of the Site within another website, thus engaging in a cd “Framing”.

In this regard, we note that the breach than in the previous paragraph also constitutes actionable conduct under the unfair competition, governed by existing rules.

7. Cookies

HARECA s.r.l. informs the user that the site uses “cookie” technology.

Cookies are pieces of information that could be recorded by your browser on your hard drive in order to trace paths on the site, so that whenever the user to make further visits will be identified in advance along with any preferences expressed by those in a previous visit.

Cookies are used by HARECA s.r.l. to obtain information for statistical analysis using the Site and to allow operation of certain services that require identification of the user’s path through the navigation pages.

The cookies used are anonymous and in no way linked to personal data.

Most browsers currently in use automatically accept cookies, but you retain the power to configure your browser to be excluded, before accepting view and delete cookies.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, HARECA s.r.l. inform that changing the browser settings may prevent user access to certain features of the Site.

8. Materials sent to HARECA s.r.l.

Notwithstanding the provisions of article 11, the dispatch to HARECA srl, via e-mail or through the Site, any materials that will lead to the implicit permission to the same to be freely reproduced, used, disclosed, displayed, processed, used to make copies and spread to others without limitation. Similarly, while respecting the moral rights of authors, all texts, ideas, concepts, know-how and / or technical knowledge which might be contained in the material in question may be freely used and exploited economically HARECA S.r.l. for any purpose, including, by way of example, the development, manufacturing and marketing products using such material, or related or connected to it. By submitting material to HARECA s.r.l. You represent and warrant that you be the exclusive owner or otherwise have obtained the right to freely use the same resulting in total exclusion of the risk that its use could lead to violation of rights of every kind and sort on third parties. Given the ‘open’ nature of the Internet, HARECA S.r.l. specifically recommends not to transmit through the communication channels computerized material that you do not consider freely used by third parties.

9. Applicable Law

The Conditions shall be construed and governed by Italian law must therefore be interpreted in accordance with that legislation.

10. Site access from abroad

Anyone who access this Site from a country other than Italy is obliged to act in full compliance with the conditions and applicable laws in the country and expressly warrants that it will not use the Site and material contained therein so as to result in a violation of the laws mentioned above.

11. Modifications or additions to the site

HARECA s.r.l. information that may at any time, in total autonomy, at its discretion, change, add, edit and / or supplement the Site and / or material contained therein as well as the technology used. In this regard, HARECA s.r.l. expressly point out that such activities could result in temporary or permanent inability to access the Site and / or its contents.

12. Protection of personal data

Under Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 laying down rules for the protection of personal data HARECA Ltd, acting as “owner” of the treatment, inform the user that the personal data supplied by the same and accepted (i) to request information about the services offered by the company, (ii) at the site through the navigation on cd “Log” system will be used for the following purposes:

  1. closely connected and / or necessary to satisfy the demands made from time to time by the user through the website or by e-mail or other means of communication;
  2. purposes related to obligations under applicable laws, regulations and legislation and provisions issued by the authorities to do so by law or by the vigilance and control;
  3. purposes from the work of HARECA S.r.l. such as, but not limited to: Detection of the degree of customer satisfaction on the quality of services rendered and the work done, done directly or through companies by means of personal or telephone interviews, questionnaires, etc.., send newsletters and promotional material concerning the services offered by HARECA S.r.l. and / or companies within the group HARECA, market research, economic analysis and statistics.

In relation to the objectives stated above, the processing of personal data takes place through manual, computer and electronic logic closely related to the purposes in question, however, to ensure the security and confidentiality of data. The treatment can be carried out on behalf of HARECA S.r.l. with the same procedures and criteria mentioned above, by third parties that provide data processing services or activities necessary or complementary to the services and practices required by the user. Moreover, if this is necessary in order for the fulfillment of user requests the same data may be communicated to employees HARECA Ltd, to other offices of that company or companies, including foreign, belonging to the same group.

The data will be kept within the EU, on servers owned by HARECA S.r.l. or other group companies.

With reference to the above-mentioned purposes, HAREC S.r.l. advised that the provision of data is optional for treatments functional activity of the company, while it is mandatory for the purposes specified in point 1) and 2) with the result that, in the latter case, a refusal to supply will prevent HAREC S.r.l. to meet the needs of users.

With reference to the provisions described above in number 3), HARECA S.r.l. require from time to time to the user, through special masks placed on the site, to give consent to perform such kind of treatment.

HARECA s.r.l. inform that Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, gives right to all users to provide their personal data specific rights. In particular, the user can obtain from the manager the possible existence of their personal data and that such data be made available to him in an intelligible form. The party can also ask to know the source of the data and the logic and purposes upon which the treatment to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data in violation of the law and updating, correction or, if there is interest, the integration of data object, for legitimate reasons, the treatment itself.

For any information regarding this document, as regards the exercise of the rights mentioned above, the applicant may contact the following email address info@hareca.it.

In order to become aware of changes or changes in policies related to privacy followed by HARECA Ltd, due, primarily, to changes in legislation, you should always consult this document.